With some Safety Guidelines, following a few restrictions, we are now holding In-Person and Virtual classes.

  • No guests, unless they are training, on site
  • No equipment rental
  • Basket provided to keep your basic belongings along with disinfecting spray and a towel, placed in a cubby shelf of your choice
  • No personal bags on the floors
  • No barefoot on floors
  • Cleanings before, during and after classes
  • Every 15 min Fogger disinfection of all spaces
  • Appropriate attire needs to be worn at all times (No shirtless in the gym)
  • We encourage social distancing, so no socializing inside of the gym
  • Mask is optional, but we encourage it

First time?

Welcome to East Coast Fighter. Here you will find self-defense, martial arts and fitness training. Our team is ready to give you all the support you need to achieve your goals, either for lifestyle, self-defense or competitions. We are Charlotte, North Carolina’s most comprehensive Martial Arts and Fitness Training Center.

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experienced trainers


Jhon Ramirez



Guto Neto

Guto Neto

Kru Armlin

Kru Armlin


Sanjay Pradhan

“Our teachers and instructors here are well experienced and highly accomplished individuals who not only help you imbibe the skills according to your needs, but they also understand, support and care for you like they do for their families. The atmosphere here is always positive and the culture is really great. For some, it may take a while for these things to sink in but once they do, there is no other place they would want to train at. I am very glad that I took the right decision to join this gym and am sincerely grateful to Kru (our Muay Thai guru), other senior members and instructors, and my gym mates for the great energy they share with me every day.”

Mark Ortiz

“James Armlin and Guto Neto are the best!! They care about their students. Family atmosphere combined with top notch training. Both Masters of there trade .Kru James teaching authentic Muay thai and Neto teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It’s fun but Challenging and there both there every step of the way to answer all questions. Whether you want to compete, Learn Self Defense or just stay in shape. This is the place to train.”