Muay Thai  is one of the most effective and devastating styles of stand-up combat in the world. Known as the “art of eight limbs” , Muay Thai uses a combination of punches, kicks, elbows and knees, providing eight points of contact to strike an opponent with. In addition, Muay Thai focuses heavily on a “clinch” technique, which controls the opponent’s upper body and allows the aggressor the opportunity to deliver strikes from a variety of angles and positions.

Muay Thai is a perfect fighting style to learn for MMA fighters, and also great for anyone interested in getting into better shape, improving their strength and wind, learning self-defense, or challenging themself.

We offer Muay Thai classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced students, as well as private lessons by request. We also offer Youth Muay Thai for children age 6-12.

Visits are available as part of Monthly Unlimited Memberships, 10-Session Passes, or even a single class drop-in fee. If you've never been to

ECF before, your first class is FREE!


The head instructor for Muay Thai classes is the owner of ECF, Kru James Armlin.

Here is his profile:

East Coast Fighter | Southend Charlotte, NC

4311 South Boulevard Ste A Charlotte, NC 28209 E-mail: Tel: (704) 534-3751

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